Britain's Most Popular Sweets: 1920s

Fruit Salads. Black Jacks. Sherbet Fountains. What do they have in common? These scrumptious sweets were all invented in the 1920s.

Fruit Salads

Fruit salads are raspberry and pineapple flavoured chews first created by Barratt’s in the 1920s. Their iconic yellow and pink wrapper became synonymous with pick ‘n’ mix throughout the decades making Fruit Salads a staple British sweet.

Black Jacks

Black Jacks are known as the “big brother” to the Fruit Salads. They were first created in the 1920s, just like the Fruit salads. Unlike the Fruit salads however they are aniseed flavoured chews that turn your tongue black!!

Smiling Golliwogs used to be on the Black Jack labels. However, they were discontinued in the 1980s due to racial controversy.

Sherbet Fountains

Sherbet Fountains are a sour-like flavoured sugar that were launched in 1925. Since then Sherbet Fountains have been a beloved British sweet.

In 2009, its paper packaging was replaced by a tube with a twist off lid much to the disappointment of some who grew up with the original packaging. Nonetheless, the candy is still just as delicious!

That’s it for the sweets of the 20s. In a few weeks we will be posting "Britain’s most popular sweets: 1930s and 1940s".



Written by Raymond Shuai

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