Britain's Most Popular Sweets: 1950s

The 1950s saw the launch of mouthwatering sweets such as Drumsticks and Love Hearts.


Drumsticks are raspberry and milk flavoured chewy lollipop. They were created by the Swizzels-Matlow Company in 1957, Derby, England. At the time it was created, it was the only chewy lolly in the world.

It is said to have been invented by accident when the son of one of Swizzels-Matlow’s founders was experimenting with a new machine and discovered it was possible to create a lollipop with two different flavours. No wonder why it is so popular: double the flavour, double the goodness!

Love Hearts

Love Hearts, how sweet. Don’t you just love some Love Hearts?

Love Hearts were launched by the Swizzels-Matlow company in the 1950s. The were originally used as Christmas cracker fillers and were not 3 dimensional. Only in the late 50s did Love Hearts become 3 dimensional.

Did you know Princess Diana was one of the few people to ever get customized Love Heart sweets? She received them when she visited the factory in 1990. They had the names of royals stamped on them such as “Prince Harry” and “Prince William”.

Sweets are the way to anyone’s heart! Be sure to visit our stores in Central and Wan Chai and buy your Drumsticks and Love Hearts! Also, don’t forget to check our blog in a couple of weeks to learn about Britain’s favourite sweets from the 1960s and onwards.

Written by Raymond Shuai

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